Community Pride

boat_200x100‘Wesham Community Pride Trust’ was established on 11th February 2004. The committee is made up of like minded individuals who wish to maintain the aims and objectives of the North West In Bloom principles.

Working to make our Town a better place to live and work” .

If you would like to consider offering any form of sponsorship e.g adopting a flower tub, a hanging basket, or any new project, we would be delighted to hear from you, contact either John or Alan for further details.


The first formal meeting was held in February 2004 when the committee was formed. The main aim at this inaugaral meeting was to determine the Objectives and Policy of the newly formed group.

Objectives:- in conjunction with Medlar with Wesham Town Council, Fylde Borough Council and other statutory agencies.

  • To foster, promote and develop pride in the appearance of Wesham.
  • To plan, develop and execute environmental improvement schemes in the Town, including:-
  • Spring and summer planting schemes
  • Clean streets and alleys
  • Graffiti and dumped rubbish removal
  • Open space management
  • To seek backing and sponsorship
  • To enter local, regional and national competition.
  • To train and educate residents and especially young people to care for the environment in which they live.

We now meet on a regular basis to organise the various projects and arrange working groups to supplement the open spaces contractor.



WCPT News - Dec 2016 - BKGC Awards
WCPT News - Dec 2016 - BKGC Awards
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