What is happening now in our town, our county, our country and across the whole world is unprecedented.

We owe a massive debt to our NHS workers, our shop workers, delivery workers, food suppliers and all of those working hard to keep the country going.

From a local perspective we know that those in isolation may be finding things difficult, whether it is shopping for essentials, picking up prescriptions or just having someone on the end of a phone to chat to.

This is where we can all help in our own ways.

We are aware, particularly through social media, that many fantastic groups have already been set up to assist with areas of Wesham (and beyond) and we applaud all those involved. We are keen to ensure that nobody misses out on that level of help and support so we are looking to help co-ordinate this across the whole town.

To this end we have some flyers being printed, enough for every home in Wesham. We have borrowed the tried-and-tested formula of providing a green “I’m fine” side and a red “I could do with a little help please” side for sticking in windows.

What we now need is some help:

  1. We need volunteers to deliver these to every household
  2. We need people to watch for the red signs and report them in to register for help
  3. We will need people to help collect shopping and prescriptions
  4. We need people just happy to be available for calls – self-isolation can be very lonely

    If you would like to volunteer to help please fill in the form on the link below:

I’d like to volunteer to help

Alternatively if you would like some help with shopping, or just want someone to talk to then please let us know using the form below:

I could do with a little help please

For anyone already involved in a group doing this please make contact too – we aren’t trying to “muscle in” just trying to ensure everyone benefits from the same level of help.

Our flyers are added below.

Corona virus information

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Corona virus information

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