Wesham Club Day event needs your help !!

Kirkham and Wesham club-day is fast approaching.


For the first time in many years there is currently nothing planned for Wesham as the planning committee folded 🙁

We have a bar.
We have a kitchen.
We have a large hall.
We have a massive field.

What we don’t have are stalls, food concessions, music, rides ……

We don’t have long till the 11th June – can we keep this Wesham tradition alive ???

Do you have a business ? A stall ? A bouncy castle ? Do the brownies want to set up a stall to raise some money for themselves ? The cubs ? Scouts ?

Do we have enough enthusiasm to get this going ?

Please message us urgently if you can help out in any way or contact  us through the Wesham Facebook Page:

Wesham Hub Facebook Page

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